Alternative Medicine That Defends Us Against Cardiovascular Diseases

Alternative Medicine That Defends Us Against Cardiovascular Diseases

The alternative medicine has occupied one of the top positions among the means of effective heart disease treatment and prevention. The cardio-vascular problems are on the top ranks of the human health threats. People face the changes in ecology and environmental pollution which are the consequences of human activities. More and more chemistry based medications are developed by the healthcare industry but not all of them are capable to save human lives.

In this aspect the alternative medicine has proven the effectiveness in prevention of issues and the variety of means of nonstandard treatment is available for people of all ages. There are methods which are based on the impact of biological substances, spiritual-body therapy, additional body manipulations and many other effective methods of health care.

The Acceptance Stage

Alternative Medicine

For a long time the complementary medicine, as it is often called by scientists, was considered some sort of placebo. It was stated that methods of such treatment are not harmful and their positive effect can be explained by a strong belief of people in the real strength of action. However, a lot of investigations have been conducted on overall impact of homeopathic, yoga, chiropractice and other means of treatment. In 2007 the health care organization proved the benefit of alternative medicine for treatment of bone problems, depression, insomnia and even migraine attacks.

Most of the previously described health issues are causing the increased blood flow, heart rate and pressure. All of these problems with health are leading to heart exhaustion and with further development of cardiovascular illnesses of different complexity.

Cardiovascular diseases are the diseases that take over half a million of American population each year. Such a tendency leads not only to the fall of population but also to incredible financial expenditures of over 100 billion USD yearly. Investigations on effective means of reducing the death outcomes detected that the percentage correlation between people who undergone alternative medicine therapies seemed to feel better and were out of cardiovascular diseases risk group.

According to the most recent studies the methods of complementary and alternative medicine were categorized according to the following groups:

  • Therapies on biological basis
  • Sprit and body training methods
  • Energy treatment
  • Body manipulation techniques

Therapies on biological basis

As it goes from the name, the natural methods are used in order to reduce the risk of heart attack through various following methods:

  • Diet based treatment – the method that utilizes the combination of specific products rich in minerals and microelements which increase the durability of heart muscles and provide a total cleanse of the entire cardiovascular system. As per this method we are what we eat and eating properly can heal or prevent any type of disease.
  • Phytotherapy – Mother Nature is the greatest healer and animals know this best of all. They know what plants should be eaten in case they have all kinds of disorders. The main point in herb treatment is the knowledge of the impact of peculiar plants on the health of the user. The number of heart friendly plants is truly amazing and a lot of popular remedies for heart recovery contain a great deal of plant extracts which have been in use long time before the actual medicine has been developed.
  • Aromatherapy is a very speculative means of treatment but one thing can be stated for sure. The aroma consists of the smallest particles which are absorbed by the nostrils right into the blood flow and carried through the entire body. There are special stimulants and relaxants which are affecting the body and cleaning it on both physical and mental levels.
  • Iridology is another method that is causing doubts regarding the effectiveness. It states that eyes reflect the state of body and that manipulation with light can treat some severe predisposition to heart diseases. Unfortunately, the method has been neither proved or disapproved.

Mind-Body Therapies

These are special therapies which are based on the improvement of both body and spiritual well-being. The reduction of stress and the development of body together with proper mental formulations make real miracles.

  • Yoga practice does not require presentation as more and more people tend to devote their lives to the development of awareness. Yoga grants the perfect feeling of calmness through postures. It helps to avoid chest squeezing and the heart will learn the meaning of freedom.
  • Meditation is an excellent means of getting rid of stress that is often a tough challenge for a whole heart system. It helps to reduce the heart rate and feel every heartbeat as it echoes through the body. Such practice grants your motor some micro moments of peace.
  • Controlled breathing grants the oxygen to the blood that is transported by the heart. The rhythm of breathing stimulates the blood flow and helps to control the pressure. Real masters of breathing have total control over the pulse and know how to make it run slower or faster depending on situation without over exhaustion.
  • Mantra vibrations are touching the water in our bodies. It resonates with the sounds which are made by our vocal chords. The blood is also a fluid and it can be positively charged and grant strength to the whole body. It has a similar effect as prayers do for people with strong belief.

Energy treatment

The world is surrounded by energies of various nature and some people utilize it for healing. Here are some of the most acknowledged methods of energy treatment:

  • The body of the human being consists of various minerals and metals. Most of them are flowing through the blood, but sometimes the flow is disrupted and turned into chaotic movements which lead to heart attacks. Magnetic Therapy utilizes the magnets which are supposed to bring order to the minerals movement in the body.
  • Music can change the world and the music wave therapy proves that it can change individuals as well. The basic principle of resonance is said to be adjusting the entire human body to stimulate the natural process of self-recovery. The music can reduce the tension and kill the stress which often leads to hypertension.
  • Reiki – ancient science of manipulating the spiritual energy Qi – is a real magical doing that saved a lot of people. It takes a lot of time to master the skills but the reward of saved lives is worth the time spent.

The alternative medicine can do a lot for protecting the hearts of people and grant them long and healthy lives. It shouldn’t be compared to conventional medicine as complementary medicine is the heritage of the human history that was tested by hundreds of years, while modern chemical medicine is based on the modern achievements of science that is only 200 years old. The two methods should exist together and work for a mutual benefit of human being.