Canadian Health and Care Priorities: Privacy, Availability, Reliability

Our pharmacy is always careful to respect your online privacy and takes care to provide you with only the most relevant information about our products and services. We have adopted a program based on responsibility and we are committed to respecting the following principles:

  • legality;
  • fairness;
  • transparency;
  • professionalism.

We process personal data in accordance with the law and with transparency and correctness towards the user.

Our data processing activities are conducted:

  1. with the user’s consent;
  2. to be able to fulfill the obligations taken with the user;
  3. for the legitimate purposes of professionally conducting a business, innovating and providing an experience to the client without any problems whatsoever.

MCHCMrx Our Priorities

Prices, content and availability of Canadian Health and Care Mall products

All prices shown on the website include VAT. The prices and availability indicated in this catalog are intended as long as stocks last and are subject to change due to market or other reasons. Discounts, coupons and pro motions are never combined. The images shown on the site our official website entirely indicative and may also differ significantly from the product actually available. All the contents of the our website (texts, images, photos, drawings, descriptions, etc.) are intended to be of an exclusively informative nature, aimed at informing customers, or potentially, of the products sold by our pharmacy have in no way character or nature of publicity.

Validity of prices and order confirmation by e-mail

By sending the order form you will receive an automatic order confirmation via email. This order confirmation has the sole purpose of notifying the receipt of the electronic order and does not constitute formal acceptance of the order. The price applied will be the one fixed at the time of ordering. It is however possible that some offers or items are in the meantime exhausted or have undergone particularly significant price changes. In this case, we reserve the right to contact you as soon as possible to cancel the order (without penalties for both parties) and possibly propose an alternative product.


It is understood that Canadian Health&Care Mall assumes no responsibility for the use that the customer intends to make of the goods purchased. In the case of defective or non-functioning merchandise, our drugstore will have the sole responsibility for repair or replacement at its discretion. In no case will our healthcare website be held responsible for lost profits due to the impossibility of using the purchased products.