Payments: Anonymous, Protected, Convenient – Canadian Health&Care Mall

At Canadian Health Care Mall you can pay by using your credit card – Visa, MasterCard or American Express – or by a check. The security of payment at our website is protected by encryption at each and every page where sensitive information is shared. You will be transferred to a protected page during checkout process: you will be able to tell that by the “https” added to the address field of your browser and by the padlock in the upper right corner of the page appearing.


The most convenient option to shop on the internet remains the credit card. As a rule, the customer only needs to enter the name, the card number and the security code in the appropriate area during the payment. The trader transfers the amount invoiced by the relevant credit institution and sends the goods. If this arrives to the customer in an incomplete or defective manner, the buyer can claim a cancellation through the credit institution that issued the card. The same applies if the goods are not received.

Due to its ease this payment method is the most popular with our pharmacy. Since this type of transaction requires a transfer of sensitive banking information on the internet, there are the same risks and the same security measures apply as for direct debit: the credit card number should be transmitted only on encrypted routes. In addition, credit card customers always come across fraudsters who try to access sensitive data through phishing actions. Website managers take into account the fact that with this payment option, they face the problem of having to store customer data securely. Several sources show that in the past hackers have always managed to access large e-commerce databases. Furthermore, it has often been verified that employees of a service provider company have transferred sensitive information to third parties.

One of the most popular payment methods is certainly that of the prepaid card. This type offers several advantages not only because it is a valid alternative to a credit card, but also because it is particularly suitable for performing microtransactions by loading the prepaid money from time to time with a fixed maximum amount. In this way the risk of abuse during online payments is reduced to a minimum if there are no other sums of money on the card. If instead the prepaid is directly connected to your bank account it could then become a risk to use it to make payments on the web. To solve this problem, many banks, offer a virtual code generation service, thanks to which it is possible to create a prepaid payment only for a fixed period of time that lapses when the payment is made. In this way the card “exists” only until payment is completed and even in the case of abuse it is not possible to access the money present in the account.